As a child, I always wanted a dog. My brother was terrified. Whenever, one came by him, he cowered in fear or would run away, typically with the dog chasing after him adding to his trauma. My father also was not a fan. He found them to be a waste of time and money. He just didn’t get the appeal. So, I never had anything more than a goldfish as a pet growing up. Of course, our beloved goldfish didn’t last long. A young girl in the neighborhood, who I believe had a disability, (I want to say she was visually impaired) came over and killed him. It wasn’t murder, but it felt like that to me. She poured the whole container of fish food accidentally into the fish bowl. Despite our attempt to save him and clean the bowl, he ate himself to death. Maybe that’s not a bad way to go. He died doing what he loved.

Applachian and Ocean- Our 1.5 year old Beta Fish

Since having children, we have had a hermit crab who tried to commit suicide by escaping the cage that one of the kids accidentally left open. We have a large fish tank that remains empty because it was too much of a pain to maintain. We currently have an anti-social, obese guinea pig named Pikachu, whose surly demeanor may be the result of trauma from some nameless overzealous children. We also have 2 beta fish from a carnival that refuse to die.

Danny and Pikachu (before Pikachu’s PTSD and subsequent weight gain)

With all the chaos in our already busy lives and recovering from an injury, we figured this would be the best timing to add a puppy into the mix. I told my father about our desire to get a dog and he acted like I just agreed to sign up for ISIS. “How could you? Do you know what you are getting into? Have you lost your mind? Are you a millionaire? You don’t understand all the costs involved with owning a dog! I’m disowning you!” Ok, he didn’t say the last part (this time). I’m sure he will slowly come around and will embrace his grand-dog.

Despite my father’s not-so persuasive rant, we decided to go forward. Welcome to our family, Reese Witherspoon! No, none of us are huge Reese Witherspoon fans. (Our pup came with the name, Reese). This is to pay homage to my daughter, who refuses to accept that our dog is male. She desperately wanted another female in our male dominated household. So Reese may be a gender fluid puppy. “Here girl!” “Good boy!” “He” “she” “s/him!” Everything goes!


We have had s/him a little over a day and love s/him to pieces (like Reese’s Pieces). S/he has already found a turtle in the backyard and tried to eat it. I’m sure there will be a lifetime of adventures to come!

33 thoughts on “Pets!!!!

  1. Dale Fermaglich April 30, 2018 — 1:55 am

    As usual your writing is amazing and so is Reese.


    1. You have to say this because you are my mother in law. Thank you though!


  2. Welcome Reese. We can’t wait to meet you. Love the story. Cute little jokes. I love reading your blog.


    1. Thanks for reading and cheering me on! Can’t wait for you to meet him too!


  3. I agree with your mother in law! I love reading your blogs. My parents said the same to me when they heard we were getting a dog and of course ended up loving Sophie. You are going to love having a dog.


    1. Your parents treated like you were going to join ISIS too? Lol! It will be an adjustment for sure, but I think it will be great!


  4. Great post! I love the last picture!


  5. Reese is a wonderful pup!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Loved reading and seeing pictures of the babes. You are not only blessed, but talented. Miss seeing and talking to you. The blog keeps me connected to you. Keep up the great writing.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thank you! You are sweet to say all this! I miss you too and wish you the best in your retirement.


  8. Hi. I’m the one that gave him to the rescue and there were 4 of us. I took him from a unhealthy situation and trained him in a matter of 2 weeks. Please reach out to me I am so excited that he went to your family. And would love to follow his and your journey.



    1. Aww!! So glad you reached out. I can use some help training him now. See my blog on the word “should” to see some of the mischief he creates. We love him pieces though. Thank you for taking care of him!


  9. LaVonda Fowler May 20, 2018 — 4:57 pm

    That just made my heart melt, I’m the one who named Reese and I helped with him before he went to the rescue where you were able to adopt him. I fell in love and thought he was such a great dog! Thank you for giving him a wonderful home where he can be loved and have so many kid snuggles he can’t stand it! ❤❤


    1. Thank you for helping him and giving him a great name! The kids and I love him so much!


  10. He will be a good dog for the family. I liked him today. Ally and Vinny will eventually like him too


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