Focusing on Your Wins- Week 3

I have been trying hard the past few days to focus on the positives, but have fallen back into a pattern of negative thinking. I have been thinking a lot about all of the things that “should” have happened for me this year that didn’t and all the things I “should” be accomplishing, but haven’t as of yet. As I have discussed before, “should” is shifty word. Who dictates what “should” be done? Why put expectations on yourself that may be unrealistic given your circumstances? Why set yourself up for failure and feelings of disappointment, when it is incredibly unnecessary?

Fun quotes found on a bulletin board at the public library

This is where celebrating your wins becomes so crucial. Focusing on the positives helps shift your attention away from all the things that went wrong & let’s you relish in what went right. Again, a win doesn’t have to be life changing, it just has to have meaning to you.   It can be as simple as a moment that made you smile.  Here are some of my wins from the past week:

1. We had a great 4th of July. Mike and I enjoyed some adult time at a friend’s BBQ, while the kids were entertained at the best camp ever. This was followed by attending a second 4th of July get together as a family and concluded with us lighting sparklers and some small fireworks in our driveway. We all had fun and nothing ignited that shouldn’t have.

2. My 4 year old daughter and I took our puppy, Reese on a mile and half walk around our neighborhood. This is as much of a win for my girl, as it is for me. I do this walk with Reese, just about everyday. She typically wants to join me for the walk, but often gets tired & we turn back early on. This morning, she was determined to make it through. There was lots of encouragement, some whining, and a run through a sprinkler, but we all survived. She was so proud of her accomplishment that she excitedly shared it with her brothers and dad the second she walked into the door.

She was the only one in Charlotte wearing a Spiderman hoodie in July.  I reminded her of her spider girl powers when she was tiring!

3. I was able to get some good workouts in and am feeling like I am gaining some of my upper body strength back. I am also proud of myself for holding back when necessary. For example, this morning while at the gym, I landed up chatting with a woman practicing handstands. She seemed to appreciate my critique of her handstands so much, she asked if I was a yoga teacher. (Maybe someday on that one…) However, I didn’t join in the upside down fun, as much as I REALLY wanted to. I’m not sure if my recovering shoulder is ready for that yet. I loved the compliment and was proud of my restraint.

Post workout selfie in the gym restroom.  Don’t mind my mis-matching workout clothes

Life is better upside down.

What are your wins this week?

15 thoughts on “Focusing on Your Wins- Week 3

  1. Yup. In those small joys lies the true happiness…. Thank you for sharing this. ✌️☺️


  2. Dale Fermaglich July 8, 2018 — 3:33 pm

    Love your writing and your pics. Very inciteful

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s hard not to focus on the shoulds of parenting when there are voices telling you what not to do everywhere. Each day as it comes, eh.


    1. Exactly! One day at a time!

      Thank you for your comment!!

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  4. Wow! Maybe one day I can workout like that too! I agree, it is important to focus on your wins!!


  5. I love the way your approached this post. I think so many of us struggle with focusing on what we “should” have, which can quickly turn into negative & disappointed thought patterns. I really the idea of focusing on your “wins” for the week & celebrating what you did accomplish! Great post!


  6. My win was getting my family together for a barbecue yesterday. It was a lot of work but it was a great success! I too sometimes fall into negative thoughts and I have to catch myself from time to time! Love the positive affirmations!


  7. I love how you chose to focus on the wins only… nice post


  8. This was a good time for me to read this because I am always thinking about the negatives and loses . So this remindeder to cherish even the smallest wins was really great!


  9. LOved this post! It is the small things that make us happy, keep looking for them they are always there. Sometimes we just don’t notice them 😉


  10. Wonderful post. I wish I had that much body strength to do that. Looks like so much fun! I have been back on the weights myself but I think I have pushed myself too hard so taking a rest for a few days! Wonderful post and nice work on focusing on the positives and reminding us to try and do the same 🙂


  11. Amazing post! It really is important to focus on the wins in life, no matter how small you think they are!


  12. The small things in life bring the greatest joys. You have enough upper body strength to control the ring! Keep going!!


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