Happy Birthday Mike!

I have already sung your praises in 2 other blog posts that were pretty much dedicated to you- one for Father’s Day and one for our anniversary. However, I could never run out of positive things to say about you. I will call your parents later and thank them for creating such a wonderful son for me to marry.

I will be sure to thank them for:

– Your sense of humor- even on my darkest days, you still find a way to make me laugh.

Now, that’s love!

– Your ability to put things in perspective- You have been settling me down and calling me out on my bullshit since 2002.

Picture of us in 2002

– Your compassion- you care for all living creatures- from creating a fly trap that “tries” to catch flies in a humane way, to allowing our sons to bring home a variety of rescued animals, to your generosity to the charities and organizations we support, and most importantly the way you treat the people around you, especially your family.

– Your support- you have taken over more days recently than I would like- days where I haven’t been feeling my best. You do all of this without complaint and I am forever grateful.

– Your patience- I know some days are more challenging than others between the kids, the dog, and all the craziness that has been thrown at us. However, you seem to get us through it with a level of patience and focus that I’m not capable of given my self diagnosis of adult onset ADHD. From homework, to training Reese, to folding mountains of laundry, to reading hundreds of pages of Harry Potter at a time to the kids- you seem to manage it all with composure.

This list could go on endlessly, but I will stop here! Happy Birthday to the best hubby a gal could ask for. “I’ll be the greatest fan of your life.”

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mike!

  1. I love this post immensely after all it sings the praises of a great guy, my son. Love you for it!

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  2. Happy birthday to a wonderful brother in law

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  3. Happy Birthday Mike! And Lauren, you are one lucky girl 👍🏻!!!

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  4. What a great tribute article for your husband’s birthday. My husband’s name is Mike as well!

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  5. Aw! He seems like a wonderful guy–you’re very lucky!


  6. This is so lovely : ) I love happy, positive posts like this


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