Happy Birthday Jonah

November 27, 2008

Mike and I had been living in Charlotte for about 4 months. We loved our new house and the area. However, it hadn’t been the easiest adjustment. I left behind life long friends, family, and not one, but two jobs that I loved. I didn’t find my dream job on the first shot down south. It wasn’t as easy to find a group of new friends as I had hoped. I was home sick from time to time, but determined to make it work.

We had planned to visit friends from NY in Greensboro for Thanksgiving. However, you had other plans, even though it was about 3 weeks before your due date. My water broke around midnight shortly after Mike returned from bowling. We called our doula, but she was away for the holiday. Contractions were on and off throughout the night and into the next day. We went to the hospital mid afternoon. I pushed for close to three hours before you joined us. I was exhausted, elated, and ecstatic that you were here. We were surprised to learn you were a boy and named you Jonah Gabriel after our beloved grandmothers who had passed. We missed a festive hospital Thanksgiving dinner because you were born at 5:17 pm and meal service ended at 5pm. The nurses were kind enough to share their Thanksgiving feast from Boston Market with us. They were the most delicious mashed potatoes that I ever tasted. I watched Elf as you snoozed. It was the best Thanksgiving in history.

The days that followed were a sleepless blur. Changing…feeding…burping…sleeping…repeat.

We had no idea what we were doing.

10 years later, we still have no idea what we are doing. We learned through you. We learned from you. You made our lives infinitely better and gave me the sense of purpose that I had been yearning for. You made me the mother that I always wanted to be.

You are like me in so many ways- you can be moody, intense, and ask endless questions. You weren’t the easiest baby. I have been hearing for 39 years that I wasn’t either.

Like your father, you are kind, smart, funny, and have a mind for science and math. You make me laugh and smile every single day.

Like me, you are easily distracted and sometimes lost in your own world.

You are eager to make friends, but are often shy. You don’t look to be the center of attention like your outgoing brother and sister. Sometimes, you sit back and watch, like I do. On the other hand, you are dramatic and come up with some interesting tales that are often a combination of fact and fiction.

You love reading (when it isn’t for school), nature and hockey. You care for animals like it’s your job. Maybe someday, it will be your job.

You are artistic and creative. The artwork that you create is often abstract, beautiful, and vibrant.


I can hardly believe it’s been 10 years since the Thanksgiving you were born. We will celebrate this birthday and every birthday to come- with pumpkin pie.

Happy birthday Jonah!!!

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jonah

  1. Happy Birthday Jonah! 🎉🎂🎊


  2. That was really sweet! Happy birthday to your son!! ☺❤


  3. Happy Birthday Jonah! You’re like the Queen, you have a real birthday and an ‘official’ birthday!!


  4. Happy birthday to Jonah!


  5. Such a sweet story. Happy birthday Jonah!


  6. Sweet story of your Thanksgiving baby.. I have my two boys and love watching them learn and grow. Jonah you are becoming a handsome little man , Happy birthday


  7. I love this blog, and I love this boy! Excellent as usual


  8. Aww.. this is a lovely post! Very lucky kid! A very happy birthday! Xxx


  9. Happy birthday, Jonah! May the coming year bring you all of your favorite things! 🎶🎉🎈🎂💙


  10. celebratingwiththebug November 29, 2018 — 5:46 pm

    They grow so fast! Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!


  11. What a sweet birthday message for your son! It’s wonswdx he’ll have this to go back and reread years from now!


  12. Aww he seems like such an amazing kid! Happy birthday to him and I hope he enjoys hismday!


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