Happy Birthday Shoshana!!

5 years ago, we were blessed with a little girl to complete our family. Shoshana means rose in Hebrew. Like a rose, she is beautiful and strong. She can be sweet and soft spoken, as well as loud and fierce. After all, she has two older brothers to contend with. This is a girl who knows how to hold her ground.


Shoshana seems to understand things beyond her years and comprehends when people are struggling. When I lose my cool, she comes over and hugs me & tells me that she loves me, instead of getting upset or retreating.

Last spring, Shoshana asked for a variety of art supplies. She cut… she drew… she painted…and she taped. As she was working, she said “mama, I’m going to paint this piece of paper, let it dry, and wrap it around your arm. Then your arm will feel good and you will be able to do silks again.” I may have cried… At four years old, she understood how sad I was and wanted to find a way to make me better.

Shoshana is intuitive and kind. She is the first to help clean up when I ask her or her siblings for a hand. She loves her brothers and waits excitedly each day for them to come home. She loves her puppy. Even if he nips at her, she quickly forgives him with a hug. She loves her teachers. She looks forward to school each day and is sad if she has to miss it. She loves her friends and would play all day if she could. She loves to sing and will sing along to every song on the radio, regardless if she knows the words or not. She loves to wear dresses and has a unique fashion sense. She loves to shop with me, whether it’s for groceries or for clothes. She is my shopping buddy for life. Shoshana is everything I could ask for and more in daughter.

Happy birthday, sweet Shoshana!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Shoshana!!

  1. Happy birthday Shoshana! She definitely is a sweetheart and the cutest little thing!


  2. Such a sweet post- I absolutely love her name!


  3. Happy birthday Shoshana! 🎉🎊.


  4. I love this blog and this little beautiful girl!


  5. Happy birthday, Shoshana! Have lots of fun on your special day. 🎶🎉🎂💝


  6. Happy birthday!! Hope she had a wonderful day!


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