Fitbits and Mood

I love my Fitbit. I rarely take it off, other than to charge it and to shower. I wear it to bed to track my sleep. I track my workouts. I track my steps. I have been known to wear it to weddings, as you can earn a lot of steps from dancing. It may land up in my purse during picture time, as it doesn’t go with many of my dresses.

Not wearing my Fitbit here.

I wear it to all of my aerial classes. It’s cut into my wrist before when doing drops on the silks and the magnetic band has attached itself to the metal Lyra (hoop), making certain moves more challenging. However, if I don’t wear it for a workout, it’s like the workout never happened. Please note- I do take it off for certain moves, as safety does comes first.

Wearing my Fitbit.

I have found there are things besides exercise and sleep that can be tracked on a Fitbit. The device also allows you to track water intake, weight, and your menstrual cycle. This is not a featured use of the Fitbit, however, I have found it helpful for tracking my mood. Physical activity is a huge source of happiness for me & has been a factor in regulating my mood. After all, endorphins from exercising are a natural mood enhancer. Chances are if I reached my goal of 10,000 steps or have gone beyond, I am having a pretty good day. Occasionally, it may just mean that I am busy & didn’t have many opportunities to sit down.

Dancing into the early morning for a friend’s bachelorette party!

Fitbit allows you to connect with friends who also have Fitbits. You can compete with and support one another through their fitness journey. Fitbit allows you to view your friends’ weekly total steps. During a time when I wasn’t getting many steps in, an intuitive Fitbit wearing friend reached out to me to see if I was alright. She was spot on with her concern. My lack of movement, as evidenced by my low step count, indicated that I was not in a great place. A low step count for someone who typically is very active may be a sign of Depression. I wouldn’t necessarily jump to this conclusion all of the time. It could also mean that they are physically ill, stuck in the car for a long drive, or sitting all day at work or in a seminar.

Other signs of Depression include:

– Diminished interest in activities (hobbies, sports, spending time with friends/family, etc)

– Changes in appetite and sleep patterns

– Fatigue/loss of energy to complete tasks

– Agitation

– Difficulty concentrating

– Recurrent thoughts of death

Please seek help from a licensed mental health provider if you are experiencing these symptoms for an ongoing period of time (ex- two weeks or more).

Not a good day!

Fitbit has also been a helpful tool for tracking anger. According to Fitbit’s help page, “active minutes are awarded once you have reached 10 minutes of moderate to intense activity.” I have noticed at rare times that I have earned active minutes when I was not exercising. When I looked back at the time period that this was occurring, I realized that I was yelling at the kids or worked up about something else. If I start to feel my heart race when angry in the same manner it does when I exercise, it means that I need to calm down. This could be done by walking away from the trigger, taking deep breaths to calm myself, counting backwards from 10 before responding, or finding someone to talk to.

Not a good day!

I love that Fitbit has features beyond exercise tracking. I have been addicted to wearing it since I received one as a birthday gift three years ago. I bet I’ll find more useful features as time goes on!

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13 thoughts on “Fitbits and Mood

  1. I never realised how useful they could be.
    Is it an accurate sleep tracker? (I’ve had a tracker that thought I was asleep for breathing that way)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like it for sleep. It keeps track of how many times I get up, but it often tracks time I’m lying down & still as asleep. I get the gist of the hours that I’m asleep though.

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  2. I really like the idea of tracking mood with the FitBit, since it everything in life seems to be so interconnected once you start looking at it. Useful and handy way to keep an eye on yourself and your friends!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Definitely!! Technology has so many good uses! Thanks for the comment!


  3. I think this is really impressive that you can connect your moods with your exercise routine. It is amazing what a little “watch” can do now. Lovely dress and house, btw.

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    1. Thanks!!! Technology is something else! I wish that was my house. 😊. That was the catering hall where the wedding was.

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  4. This is an amazingly informative post! I never knew you could track so much with a Fitbit. I love the pic of you in the sari btw.


  5. An age of modernization, of course. Here you have proved it how to use it beneficially.


  6. I enjoyed your post about your fitbit and all the things it does for you. I have been wearing my fitbit since 2014 and enjoy all those things you mention myself. I just love my fitbit, it really does help to motivate me in continuing to achieve a healthier lifestyle.


  7. I never realized Fitbits are that useful. Wow, to the degree of being able to check on a friends mood or to a degree wellbeing being, that is awesome. I love all these things one can do with a fit bit. I even offer you self-awareness. Very helpful. Thanks for sharing.


  8. I really want one now! I’ll start saving. Thanks for such a detailed post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome! I hope you enjoy yours once you get it, as much as I enjoy mine!

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