Turtles and Hope

I have made it no secret that this past year has not been a cake walk for me. It’s challenged me in ways that I could not even imagine. I have been put in situations that have exceeded my comfort zone. I still have not seen the other side of this to be able to fully reflect upon what I have learned. Some days are easier than others…


While walking my puppy, Reese, a couple of days ago, I encountered this poor soul smashed in the road. I had been very much in my head during this walk and had been questioning why I have had to deal with everything on my plate. This turtle served as a visual reminder of the fragility of life. Things can always be worse.


Despite everything going on:

I can still take a walk with my dog.

I can enjoy the sunshine.

I can listen to music and sing to myself as I walk.

I can appreciate the Carolina blue sky.

I can breathe the fresh air.

I have children who adore me even when I’m not at my best.

I have a husband who makes me laugh every single day.

I have friends and family who will listen and problem solve with me.

I have the means to hopefully find the answers I need.

I have faith that things will get better.

Parts of me may not be functioning perfectly, but I am still whole.

It can always be worse…

Author:  Unknown

17 thoughts on “Turtles and Hope

  1. Amazing! You are absolutely right. Focus on what is going right, what’s more important. At my first therapy session, although I dreaded it, it served as a lesson to my therapist on Chiari. She promised to learn about it on her own time as well and that on our next session, she’d know more. She did just that. She also mentioned that in her quest to know more about Chiari, she mentioned it to a doctor colleague


  2. …. of hers, the first thing out of his mouth was, ‘can she walk?’ It was such a eye opener. Such a true testament of our strength, both physically and emotional. And although there are more bad days than there are good. There are a few things to be grateful for, like our families, our children. 😊🙏🏽


    1. Thanks for sharing that! It sounds like you have a great therapist. my goal this summer has been to focus on my wins and try to find the good when possible. It’s honestly a moment to moment thing! Lol!

      I’ll email you later! I want to hear about your trip!

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      1. Yes, it truly is a moment to moment. You’re absolutely right.! I’m suppose to have therapy tomorrow, but the children start school tomorrow, and that’s enough for one day for me. I get dizzy and get headaches if there’s too many things going on in one day for me – I can’t do two doctors appointments in one day. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Of course! 😊🙏🏽

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  3. A very inciteful post.


    1. Thank you for saying it was insightful! 😉😘


  4. Oh no….that poor little turtle! Moving on from that, yes, indeed, it’s about cherishing the good things, remembering how lucky we are and acknowledging that things could be far worse (and often are for others) and just being able to make the most of everything we have. Nicely written.


  5. I love this and it was a reminder I needed this morning! I had one of those weekends where things weren’t bad, but things just didn’t go as planned, frustrations and annoyances, but you are right, things could have been a lot worse, and it is better to focus on the positive. Thanks for sharing! And poor turtle:(

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  6. It was so very good to read this on a low mood, slow moving Monday morning. Thank you!

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  7. The tagline of your site is amazing.

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  8. Loved this post. It is so realistic and inspiring.

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  9. Oh that poor creature, wasn’t expecting that image at all, big shock! Noticing what we can do is a good way of refocusing. I hope you can keep it up every day, I’m working on it too. Good luck x

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    1. Sorry to shock you!! Thanks and same to you!


  10. You are so right. It’s important to keep that perspective and remember that it could be worse. The other adage I like is “This, too, shall pass.” When you hit bottom, a lot of times, there’s no where else to go but up.

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  11. Love this. There is always something to be grateful for 💗

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  12. Such a powerful lesson to learn. I agree that counting our blessings tends to make life a little warmer!

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